October of 2019, the formation of °1824 was announced, merging our Marketing Reps into the larger team that includes Content Creation, PR and Creator Partnerships. Though the focus of °1824 has expanded, we have adjusted our offerings to meet the demands of a work-from-home/remote environment. All of UMG’s labels have responded phenomenally by integrating °1824 into the builds of marketing plans, asset & content creation, local press opportunities, virtual event production and more. 
Fall of 2020, the annual conference was re-imagined as the °1824 Invitational; a series of virtual events focused on connecting with labels and artists. We were able to highlight our current capabilities in a FIRE new reel directed by Carolyn Knapp and John Jigitz, edited by Brandon Chase, Carolyn Knapp and John Jigitz, with voiceover by Yemi Faleti.